Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, You are very great; You are clothed with splendour and majesty. Psalm 104:1

Daily thoughts

Inspiring and uplifting thoughts during my everyday journey. Hope it might bring wisdom and encouragement to your life.

March 2020

Crisis reveals what you really believe!

I am in the Kingdom for the time like this!

Start in the community where you are.

Be persistent. Don't give up on your dream/calling or on people.

Plan with resources on Earth. Hope for resources from Heaven!

Make decisions from the point of view of faith and hope, not fear.

Don't stress out! Enjoy the process with God!

Worship the Lord your God!

"Naive trust"! You need to have a childlike trust!

Stay humble and obey to stay connected.

Sow in famine!

The calm before the storm - a period of stillness or rest that comes right before a time that is very busy or hectic.

Faith, hope and love. The biggest of them is love!

The blood of the Lamb will protect you. I heard it very often in Jan/Feb 2020.

Complaining is an expression of self-centred focus.

The joy of the Lord is your strength!

Humour heals!

Faith means to be totally convinced. Live in faith, not fear, not by sight! As you walk in the faith the signs will follow.

Step over the past experience and understanding to be in the new place.

Breakthrough - Expectation - Multiplication season.

Physical Obedience Brings Spiritual Release. Live it daily in the smallest things!!

April 2020

Get momentum and keep it!

The true rest comes from being in God’s presence, focused on Him to receive His peace, joy, and rest.

Don't strive! Be still!

Kneel when you pray!

To live is Christ, to die is it and believe it!

It's the attitude rather than a code of conduct that matters,e.g. submissiveness vs. submission to others.

Be content in every situation!

Praise defeats the enemy!

Do all the things diligently, creatively and with a spirit of service, joy, and gratitude.

Preach the Gospel and demonstrate it!

God makes His servants equal to the task He assigns them! And, then, the Holy Spirit falls on them!

Live in the way to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit.

True revival begins with the church and brings supernatural harvest of the souls!

Remember, what you do consistently is what helps you move forward.

Apart from me you can do nothing with eternal value!