Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, You are very great; You are clothed with splendour and majesty. Psalm 104:1

Experimental prophesies:

Experimental prophesies:

Politicians (prior 2020):

The UK prime minister (previous): I see a mule. This mule is not aggressive, but it is quite nervous. It’s kicking its back legs all around pretty much all of the time. It’s almost like its front legs are somehow stacked. It should put its back legs on the ground and calm down. It can jump over obstacles only if its back legs are on the ground. It should use its front legs to direct the way (i.e. the politician should focus on making allies) and to jump, when necessary, over obstacles. But it really needs to keep calm. It feels like there is a prompt to make the wrong decision. Forget about the past – think fresh. This is a new world where we all live for each other and where we don’t want to fight with each other.

US President (previous): I see a wise, old man with a stick to support his walking. Birds come towards this man to attack. The man promptly and energetically uses his stick to fight them off. He is wise and brave.

US President (current): I see a rooster walking quite proudly and producing eggs, golden ones. There is a hen walking behind it, checking to see if the gold is inside the eggs, but she can’t find any. The vision evokes wonder and disappointment.

Russian President: I see a bear with claws. It is not aggressively using these claws, but it is ready to use them whenever an opportunity arises. This bear is on a frozen lake. There is fish under the ice. The bear wants to catch a fish, a big one. It has two options. It can break the ice and get wet, but it is not so sure about swimming. Or it can use a fishing rod, but it is not sure how to use the rod.
Message: The options to survive to seem to be quite limited and restricted, especially because the bear’s own conscious decisions limit its effectiveness. It should focus on using the fishing rod. I sense that the main message is that the future lies in focusing on developments in human resources and breakthroughs in technology, not in using pure strength and power.

When I asked God, there were three messages:
1. A snowflake melts in an exactly same way no matter what country it falls on. So, will melt Europe if it falls apart.
2. Correction is needed, but not as separate countries, but together as a whole.
3. Fall apart means fall all together; stay together means grow together. Yes, national identities are important, but so is the willingness to work together and overcome obstacles.

The year 2020:

I see a dragon, colour red, maybe a bit of green (I think meaning aggression and stillness).
It's stationery, almost unable to move, but has control over the road it stands over. It lets pass others through in or out only who it wants, It will burn everyone else.
Msg: There is no danger of it to move, but to come close to it. Be careful once you get in. You might not get out!

UK Prime Minister
I see a ball, significant size. It's made of clay and has many cracks. I am not sure what is inside of it, but what matters is that it rolls in a certain direction. This might be good as well as bad news. It can roll over many obstacles, but if it has to change its direction, it might break and cause a lot of dust in the air and complicate journey on the surface for the followers. I think to be agile is the key message for the ball to survive and limit the consequences of changes it might need to make.

It's a diversion!
I think the closest description is: Diversion refers to diverting out of the system by having it complete a diversion program.

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